My name is Lies Meiboom and Sweeping Maytree is my one-woman editorial enterprise. My clients are well-known academic, business, and literary publishing houses as well as academic institutions.

Having an MA in Hebrew and Jewish Studies (University of Amsterdam) with a specialization in Hebrew booklore (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), it may come as no surprise that I do a lot of (copy-)editing in the field of Jewish Studies. Law is my other major working area, general management and communications constitute my third.

It is not only (copy-)editing I do. More and more I find myself chasing authors and tracking the review process of their articles for two Dutch law monthlies published by Boom Juridisch. For the Encyclopedia of Jewish Book Cultures (to be published by Brill over the coming years) I assist the general editor in all upcoming tasks.

If you have any queries or if you would like to contact me, please call or email me. I am happy to be of assistance.